100 Pack Polish Bakelite AK Pistol Grips Dark

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100 Pack Polish Bakelite AK Pistol Grips dark
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100 Pack, contains 100 surplus used  Polish Bakelite Ad pistol Grips. Most of these are darker colored ones, Dark brown , redish Brown, most likely mostly Romanian. Sold as is.
Good overall condition, they are not new. expect finish wear, nics, scratches . scuff marks,initials carved into some, overall grade 3. good overall condition. These could use a good cleaning with simple green and 0000 steel wool, makes them clean up quite well. Some of these  stand out really nice looking, others not so much. these are graded, grade 3 good overall condition.

*** Bakelite identification*** Polish bakelite has the outward facing diamond pattern and larger/wider pistol grip than Romanian. Romanian bakelite grips, have narrower/thinner grips and diamond pattern faces inward.
I cannot guaranty origin 100%. Sold as is, no refunds returns, or exchanges.  Some are dirtier than others. With a good cleaning these should clean up nice.
Polish Bakelite grips are hard to find.

One of the pictures show a bin of lighter polish bakelite grips and the other bin contains darker colored ones. these are the darker  colored ones.  The color and shades do vary.

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