100 AK Muzzle Cap nut thread protector

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This item consists of 100 PAP AK Muzzle Cap nut thread protectors.
These are packaged by weight, so there might not be exactly 100, it may be a few less or a few more. sold as is. They came in bags of 100 but measured by weight not individually counted.
Original Serbian AK/PAP Take Off Parts (There may/will be slight cuts in the bottom of nut from removal of spot weld These imperfections will not affect function.
This is  a new take off part. 14-1 LH thread
These muzzle caps were welded on by factory and cut off.
So the spot where the weld was cut, will be visible. Part of the weld may still be attached.
These are sold in as is condition. 
Most can be touched up with bluing and look pretty good. Overall I grade these as verygood condition, but keep in mind, they were welded on, then cut off, so they won't be perfect.
These work great for protecting the threads when cleaning muzzle brakes, etc.
This will fit most models of the 7.62X39 AK-47.

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