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Yugoslavian milled AK47 AKM Ak47 M70 complete bolt with round firing pin double stack

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Yugoslavian milled ak47 complete bolt with round firing pin
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This item consists of one used complete use Ak-47 bolt. It came from a milled Yugo M70, and has a round firing pin.  The round firing pin indicates its older than the ones with flat firing pins. These bolts are in over all  very good condition. Dirty, greasy, and need cleaned, but in overall pretty darn good shape. This is a good value for a good quality milled AK Bolt.Yugo complete Ak bolt.

FYI:  Yugoslavian M70 original parts are very hard to find,and generally very expensive. The only other complete Yugo M70  bolts I see online, are called "Project bolts" with the locking lugs ground to custom fit original rifle. These are not ground down, which makes them much more valuable, than the ones that are ground down!

Parts must be inspected and tested by a qualified and competent gunsmith, or armorer before use in a firearm. these have a round  firing pin.

Not all firearm parts are interchangeable. Use of surplus parts without proper knowledge, and/or installation, could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

Before any firearm is test fired, it needs to be checked for proper headspace by a competent gunsmith.

922R rules apply. All surplus parts are sold as is, no refunds or returns.

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