Romanian AKM wood Butt stock W/spring

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Romanian AKM wood stock
Part Number: 4059-Spring
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This item consists of one used Romanian AKM wood stock in overall good condition. Includes spring in buttstock for cleaning kit.
Its the stock only, no butt plate, screws, etc. Wood stock only. I'm grading these grade 3. These have a lot of finish wear, dents dings, scratches.


Color of stain/finish/condition varies from stock to stock, and may be different than what you see in the picture
If you refinish these, they should clean up pretty good. the way they are now, they have a lot of wear from years of use.

FYI: This buttstock is cut out for the small sling swivel bases. The cut-out for the sling swivel base is about 1& 1/4" long. I have seen 2 types of sling swivel bases. A shorter one about 1&1/4" long with smaller holes, and a longer one about 1& 3/8" long with larger holes. with a little wood working, carefully removing a little bit, the larger sling swivel can be fitted. The smaller sling swivel bases are almost impossible to find on the surplus market,and I don't know any US manufacture making them at the present time.  I do have sling swivel base assemblies. Sometimes I don't have both types in stock. Some Romanian buttstocks have the smaller cutout fo the sling swivel base and some the larger ones. These stocks under this part number all have the smaller sling swivel base cut out that I have seen so far.

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