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Beautiful Polish Bakelite AKM Pistol grip in Verygood condition condition. Orangish Redish brown

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One Polish Bakelite AKM Pistol grip.
I hand picked these. These are graded in  verygood condition, based on minimal wear, on grip and the grid pattern.
I offer hand picked option where I pick the one I think has the best pattern/marbling in the bakelite.
Color and shade varies, so the one you get may have more red, less red, more orange, less orange, more brown, less brown, etc.
Sold in  as is condition.
Some tend to have more marbling of colors,and some tend to be more on the solid color side.
If you want  one with he marbling of colors and nicest ones I have available, then you need to pick the hand picked option.

The one you get will be similar to one in the picture. None are identical,so please be aware of that.
I offer a hand picked option, whereas,  I will grab 10 and pick the one I think is the nicest, for an additional $10.
 I cleaned these with Purple Power degreaser and wiped with CLP to bring out the luster. You will likely need to wipe off excess CLP.
These are sold as is condition.
These look really good in my opinion. I offer  another option.
I now offer a Gloss clear coated one. I cleaned them with the Purple power cleaner degreaser, then coated them with rustoleum for plastic clear gloss,and its looks really good!.
I also often hand picked option best out of 10. I pick teh one taht looks the best as far as condition and pattern on the grip.

All the Gloss clear coat does better than the oil or CLP, is the Gloss clear coat adds a shine too it and it looks nice, is you want your grip to shine.
These re the best looking of my bakelite pistol grips, the gloss ones in my opinion look the best

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