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 AK47   Flash Hider 14x1 LH Thread
AK47 Flash Hider 14x1 LH Thread 'Ak-74 Style' tap16611 Tapco

AK47 Flash Hider 14x1 LH Thread "Ak-74 Style" tap16611 Tapco

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Part Number: 5105-2
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AK47   Flash Hider 14x1 LH Thread "Ak-74 Style"  Pretty sure these are tapco. some have markings most do NOT. I bought these from a few different distributors who sold these to me as new tapco flash hiders. I have no way  to verify origins! Tapco's has been out of business for over a year now. I bought these from reputable distributors.
I bought these from either Century Arms, or CDNN, I think those are where these came from. There is no conspiracy folks, don't be fu**ing paranoid. tapco went out of business, and liquidated inventory and I bought these from a couple different palaces, maybe 3 or so.
Does not include any hardware.  I bought these , and the RAZR tapco brakes, plastic handguards, timbersmith handguards.. Its not like I hopped in a canoe to china and tried to mix in some cheap shit. For Pete sakes folks. I buy stuff in bulk, dont guaranty anything I sell, I describe the shit the best I can, and parts can vary from part to part, box to box. sold as is. all sales are final. no refunds or returns

I dont guaranty these in anyway. Sold as is. All sales are final, no refunds or returns!. I don't make any claims as to how they where made or where they were made. the first ones I saw had some markings and I took pics., Well, some dont have any markings, different finish or no finish. When I buy items in bulk after manufacture is out of business, I get whatever they have. Finish, markings, may be different. Sold as is, no guarantys of any kind. **** Most of these do not have any markings of anykind. I dot guaranty finish type or even if there is a finish on them.
*** FYI, this item has been manufacture discontinued and manufacture is out of business.
I obtained these from 3 different places and paid different prices from each place I obtained these from.
Some came new in plastic bag, most came loose, all look to be New. However, some, not so sure. I obtained these from very large importers, manufactures and distributors, so they likely got them from tapco, or  whoever  bought these out from tapco.
I do not guaranty these in anyway. sold as is, no refunds or returns.

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