Warranty & Return Policies:
Warranty Policy: Please contact manufacture for all warranty issues.
By placing an order with Lee's Mags,you agree to my policies and manufactures warranty and return policies.

Manufactures prefer to handle warranty issues directly with the customer. Absolutely, do not send items back to me for warranty. All of my U.S. manufactures offer good warranty's on New products, and I am confident they can resolve any issues you may have. If you are having issues with the manufacture's warranty policy and cannot resolve the issue with the manufacture, please contact me , so I can try and help! I am happy to help,as long as you are willing to follow manufactures policies, and mine,I will work with you to resolve any issues!

Imported items.  Imported items from South Korea, or other countries, do not have manufacture warranties in most cases, and are sold as is,no refunds or returns. I don't get a warranty on those items, so they are sold as is, no warranty, refunds or returns.  IF an imported item does have a manufacture warranty, you must contact the manufacture and handle it directly with them. I have no way of doing that. Sorry. 

Refunds & Return Policy: All sales are final, No Refunds and returns! That is my policy!  Mistakes do happen occasionally. So, IF I screw up and send you the wrong item, then send it back to me and I will send you the correct item, after I receive the incorrect items back. For USPS orders please send incorrect item back to Lee's Mags PO BOX 27 NewUnderwood, SD 57761. UPS, Lee'sMags 418 South C. Ave NewUnderwood, SD 57761.  Firearms. If you accept the transfer of a firearm via form 4473, its legally yours, I can't undo  a firearms transfer! So if you purchase a firearm, make sure you inspect it, because once you sign the 4473 and complete the transfer its legally yours. IF the firearm you receive isn't what you ordered, don't accept it, have the  FFL dealer send it back to me, so I can correct my mistake.

IF you don't like the item, some type of manufacture defect, if you ordered the wrong item, or change your mind, and decide you don't want it anymore, Don't return it! Please contact the manufacture for all warranty issues. It is your responsibility to make sure the ammo, gun or part is the correct item you need before you buy it, and before you sign the 4473 federal transfer form.. IF you have any questions, ask me at info@leesmags.com before placing an order. I reserve the right to change my policies at anytime!  If the product is imported, there is no warranty, and sold as is no refunds or returns, because I have no way to get reimbursed.

Used products. All used products are sold as is, no refunds and returns. I only sell working items unless otherwise specified, however, some surplus items may require cleaning and lube, to work properly. I will indicate that on the item listing, so you are aware of the condition of that particular used item.

Surplus products. All surplus products, both NEW, and/or used condition, are sold in as is condition, no refunds or returns. Most surplus items are used and around 20-50 years old or even much older, and are always sold in "as is condition." All surplus parts should be inspected by a competent gunsmith, for safety prior to being used!

30% charge for cancelled orders! If you try and cancel an order after its placed, or if I have to cancel it, because its an illegal purchase attempt of a restricted item, or for any other reasons, I will cancel the order and charge you 30%. I have this policy in place to prevent people form buying stuff, then changing their minds, or find it cheaper somewhere else, and trying to send it back.

*** IF you place an order and you realize you made a mistake, please email me right away, so I can correct it before the order gets processed. IF that happens, I will cancel the order, and then you can place a new order with the correct products!***** In this case, I don't charge any fee for an accident! That doesn't mean you can change your mind after placing an order, after it ships. If you cancel an order before or  after it ships, there is a 30% cancelled order fee. I have to do that, because some people buy things, then change their mind, or find it cheaper and return it. This helps prevent that.

If you have any questions about my shipping policies, warranty policies, return policies, charges, fees, etc, please contact me before placing an order!

By placing an order with Lee's mags, you agree to my policies and procedures.

By placing an order with Lee's Mags, You agree that your purchase is Legal, that you are not restricted from owning, or purchasing that product, and that product is not restricted where you live!

The best way to contact me is through email. info@leesmags.com or leej0002@goldenwest.net

Ammunition: All warranty issues regarding ammunition have to be handled directly with the manufacture! Absolutely No- returns on ammunition. Ammunition needs to be kept with original packaging, or atleast the label, so you can identify the ammunition and lot number. IF you throw away, the packaging and warranty labels, it voids your warranty because they cant identify the lot number! Manufactures need the labels to identify the lot number and verify its their ammo, and not someone elses!