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Welcome to Lee's MAGS. I sell Firearms, ammo, MAGS, & accessories in the USA to areas where it's legal.  **Click on the shop Now page to see my online store and click on All Products to see everything I have in stock*


AK-47, Rifle Magazines in Ardmore, SD


Magazine parts kits and rebuild kits available where it's legal! $5 charge per re-build kit.




My focus at Lee's Mags is fast, easy, & simple transactions, with fast shipping & fair prices! Please make sure you know your local gun laws before you buy anything from my website!

Absolutely NO returns on ammo and rebuild kits!  Sorry.


Products are listed in alphabetical order, starting with the name of the manufacture, or the type of item.


Fast Shipping! Reasonable prices!  Buy it Cheap! Stack it Deep!

FFL Transfers for local customers, $20 for the first gun, and $10 each additional gun transferred that same day. So if you buy a gun online,and not from me, I will be happy to do the transfer for you. 


 All products are sold in strict adherence to all federal, State, & local laws. If you make a purchase, then you agree that you are making a legal purchase! If not, don't buy it! It is your responsibility to know your State and local laws, before you buy anything on this website. You must be 18 years old or older to make a purchase from Lee's Mags. You must be 21 years old to purchase ammunition from Lee's mags. You must be 21 years old to purchase pistols, and  or receivers. Must be 18  years old to purchase a long-gun.

If you need to contact me, you can e-mail me at: info@leesmags.com

NO ammunition sales or shipments to;  HI, CT, MA, NY , DC,  AK,or IL!

Click on the Shop Now page and click all products, to see everything I have in stock! 


My Gun Shop, operates on an appointment only basis, so I can give my full attention to my customers, and offer the best service possible. I spend the mornings and early afternoon until 2:00PM Mountain time, filling online orders and shipping them out. After that, I am available for appointments at my gun shop!

Lee's MAGS does Gun transfers!!!! So, if you are located in the Rapid City, SD area and you want to buy firearms online, I can do the FFL transfer for you. I charge $20 for the first gun,and $10 for each additional gun transfered that day.

 Magazine Rebuild Kits! 

I offer rebuild kits for $5 each for areas that require magazines to be shipped as kits,,, as long as it's LEGAL!

IF you want magazines shipped as rebuild kits you need to add 1 rebuild kit to your shopping cart for each magazine you want me to disassemble and ship as a rebuild kit! I charge a $5 fee for dis assembly of a magazine and the extra room it takes in a shipping box.  I call that a rebuild kit.  If you have any questions, please ask before you buy. info@leesmags.com

 No returns on rebuild kits! Please make sure you order the corect mags!  I do not offer mag rebuild kits for drum magazines or any mag that holds more than 45 rounds, due to the complexity of dissasembly, and of blocking them and making them legal, which is the  whole point, in the first place!


SHIPPING POLICY & shipping charges: The Base shipping Fee for Mags are $7, plus $1.00 for each magazine, or product. I ship USPS priority mail for most orders.  Ammo, and all drop shipment orders will ship UPS.  Shipping charges will be calculated druing checkout. Firearms will either ship out USPS or UPS, whichever is easiest for me. Shipping charges will be calculated during checkout.

Lee's Mags is a one horse rodeo, and I am the one horse. That means I work by myself. If you place an order with me you can be confident you will receive your order within 7 business days!  I generally get all orders shipped within the next business day, and 5 business days should be enough time for USPS priority mail to be delivered, in most cases. If you dont receive your order within 7 business days, I will be happy to track your package, but please wait 7 business days before emailing me for tracking info. I don't send out confirmation emails after you place an order, so make sure you print out a copy of your order!  My focus is to spend my time shipping out orders, not sending out emails. If you place an order with me you can be confident you ill receive your order within 7 business days. IF, for some reason your package does not arrive within 7 business days, then please email, me and I will track down the issue and make sure you get your order!

If you want a hassle free transaction and fast shipping,, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! If you have questions about the availability of a certain magazine, firearm, ammo, etc, please send me an e-mail, and I will be happy to see if I can find it.

  I cannot ship ammunition to AK, CT, DC, HI, IL, NY,MA

Warantee information: All warantee issues, Please contact manufacture for all warantee issues. they are the ones that can fix it.

RETURN POLICY: I do not accept returns! If you have an issue with a New product, please contact the manufacture for warantee information.

Please go to my Warantee & return policy page for more information.












Contact us today in New Underwood, South Dakota to learn more about our magazines and rebuild kits.


Proudly Serving the USA

About us:

Lee's mags is a sole proprietorship business located in New Underwood SD. My name is Lee Lassegard, and I am a Life Member of the NRA!

My main focus is fast shipping and fair prices.

I started out selling mostly firearm magazines, and I recently started drop shipping ammo from my distributor to my customers. I recently obtained a FFL license.

All of my products on my website are in stock and ready to ship. Either at my warehouse or my distributor's warehouse. My website won't let you buy something if I am out of stock. Occasionally, I run out of inventory and it takes me a few hours to restock or remove the item from my website. *** Please note some of my items are drop shipped from my distributor and I dont have those items in stock at my warehouse. So if you are local and want to pick up something at my shop, please email me, and make sure I have it here.

IF you place an order with me, you can be confident you will receive your package within 7 business days.

I stock most of my magazines in my own warehouse and some ammunition. Most of my ammunition is drop shipped from my distributor, directly to my customers, to help keep the prices lower. IF an item will be drop shipped, I usually state that on the item listing, so my customer is aware that item will be drop shipped.

All ammo will ship UPS ground, no exceptions, sorry.

Magazines and most items will ship USPS priority mail. All drop ship items will ship UPS ground.

Lee's Mags is a "One horse rodeo" "one man operation". I offer fast shipping even during busy times. Occasionally, I make a mistake. If I do, let me know, and I will make it right!


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! Please make sure you check out my online store and see all fo my products!  Just click on the Shop Now page, and Click all products, to see everything I have in stock!

Lee J. Lassegard

Lee's mags







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